Keep your AC in perfect Working Condition

Summer now stays for a longer stretch of time with us. So, much before the onset of the summer season, we should think of cleaning our cars’ air-con units and get them checked properly. If it is not done, faults ( if any) will not be mended and the system will not be in the perfect working condition. The most common problem with an air conditioning system is its refrigerant leaks. The leaks can be traced anywhere in the system. Even a tiny leak can have a considerably negative impact on the performance of an air-con system. So all the leaks must be detected and repaired. Here technology plays a vital role. Several advanced methods are there to find out and correct the refrigerant leaks. Three major techniques are listed below:- Air Conditioning maintenance

Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detector:

Of an array of available techniques to locate and correct the leaks, it is the easiest and quickest one. Generally, you do not have any precise idea about the location of the leak and in that case you search in and around a suspected area. The leak detector can sense the site of the leak and helps you be more accurate in your search. If the leak is very small, you can use a cling wrap or rag to wrap the area up. Later strip the area off the wrapping and use the leak detector to have a reading.

Ultrasonic Leak Detector:

It is the most advanced tool of leak detection. Sound detection technology plays a vital role in the working procedure of this newest method. Freon gas makes a sound while escaping the system. The Ultrasonic leak detector listens to the sound and tries to sniff the locations of the leaks. As the sound made by the gas is almost inaudible, so the ambiance of the room must be quiet in order to get the leaked areas rectified by the system. The air-con unit must also be stuffed with enough pressure so that the gas makes noise while leaving the system.

Ultraviolet Dye Leak Detector:

This sort of leak detector comes with a kitty of necessary equipments to get the task over. The kit contains an ultraviolet lamp or flashlight, safety glasses, ultraviolet dye, a dye injector etcetera. So this system seems to be a very complicated one and in reality it is just like that. The ultraviolet dye is injected into the system and you have to wait and watch where it leaks out from. The problem is that the dye may spill over everywhere and make the entire affair messy. san antonio ac repair

You may not have that much patience or the essential equipments to do the task, so call in an air conditioning Hampshire repairing center of repute. It will take the trouble off your shoulder and accomplish the entire gamut of task without frittering away your precious money and time.